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History will tell”: Fidel Castro

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« His­tory will tell ». This famous state­ment of the leader of the Cuban Rev­o­lu­tion is still top­i­cal today. Fifty years after he cap­tured Havana, weak­ened by a long ill­ness, Fidel Cas­tro has had to relin­quish power.

What will Cuba’s future be once its leg­endary leader has dis­ap­peared? Will the coun­try open up to democ­racy or remain iso­lated: the ulti­mate assess­ment of Fidel’s era will depend on this choice. As the leader Max­imo, at death’s door, stands before his judges, he is faced by our main wit­ness, Com­man­dant Huber Matos. The man who cer­tainly was the Che’s and the Cas­tro broth­ers’ clos­est strate­gist in the Sierra Maes­tra, the man who was so pop­u­lar that Fidel thought that he would over­shadow him, the man who was sen­tenced to a twenty-year-long impris­on­ment for being a too rev­o­lu­tion­ary, reex­am­ines the his­tory of the Cuban Rev­o­lu­tion in this doc­u­men­tary, from the attack of the Mon­cada to the recent trans­fer of power to Fidel Castro’s brother Raúl. He tes­ti­fies for us today.

With no words of revenge, he remem­bers facts, illus­trated with excep­tional footage films. “His­tory will tell”: Fidel Cas­tro, a film that stands up against all forms of totalitarianism.


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