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50 years in guerrilla warfare

A documentary directed by , .

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The film is about a man who has had an excep­tional des­tin­ity : in Colom­bia from the fur­ther­most bounds of the Andes of Ama­zo­nia, Manuel Maru­lu­anda Velez is the most wanted man over the whole Southe Amer­i­can con­ti­nent. The Supreme Leader of the most pow­er­ful Com­mu­nist guer­rilla war­fare in the world is also the old­est guerilla in the world. His biog­ra­phy can’t be sep­a­rated from the last fifty years of Colom­bian his­tory : a gory His­tory which will remain engraved on peo­ple mind’s.

Archive films and today’s pic­tures are mixed with a com­men­tary which aims at telling us the con­tem­po­rary His­tory of Colom­bia through the point of view of one of its main pro­tag­o­nist : an ille­gal armed rebel fight­ing from the height of its moun­tains. A human and his­tor­i­cal story which reflects and­ex­presses the life of all the population.


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