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When Franco died, we were 30

A documentary directed by .

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On Novem­ber the 20th 1975, Franco dies. It was thirty years ago. The Span­ish direc­tor Gus­tavo Cortès Bueno was 30 years old. Franco’s dic­ta­tor­ship over Spain had lasted 40 years. The anniver­sary of Gen­eral Franco’s death is the occa­sion to tackle the dif­fi­cult task of look­ing back over the will­ingly for­got­ten His­tory of Franco’s years: the story of a col­lec­tive amnesia.

What is left of the dic­ta­tor­ship ’s in mod­ern Spain ? For many it is still too early to talk about it: a sign that Franco’s ghost is still hov­er­ing above con­tem­po­rary Spain. Isn’t it high time to lis­ten to those who lived through this period of Span­ish his­tory if we don’t want it to sink into oblivion?

The direc­tor, get­ting his own past back, is ques­tion­ing the col­lec­tive memory.


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