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a Zimbabwean story [in production]

A documentary directed by .




Over the course of roughly one decade, Zimbabwe’s land reform poli­cies have suc­ceeded in effec­tively turn­ing a once flour­ish­ing econ­omy into ruins and dri­ven out 3 mil­lion Zim­bab­weans across the country’s bor­ders in search of bet­ter liv­ing conditions.

In a wholly African story, film­maker Tapiwa Chip­fupa —daugh­ter of a black Agri­cul­tural Estate Man­ager grad­u­ally dri­ven into bank­ruptcy (and ulti­mately into eco­nomic exile) by a series of gov­ern­ment deci­sions—, looks back on the events that forced her mid­dle­class fam­ily of seven to dis­solve and scat­ter through­out the world.

Sift­ing idyl­lic mem­o­ries of farm life in the Mashona­land provinces through the harsh per­spec­tive offered by life in exile, a Zim­bab­wean story, pro­poses a case study on how polit­i­cal deci­sions enforced by un-democratic regimes rad­i­cally alter the per­sonal des­tinies of individuals.

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