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Alvaro Mutis: the elements of disaster

A documentary directed by , .

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Alvaro Mutis is the ” sec­ond ” inter­na­tion­ally renowned Colom­bian writer after Gabriel Gar­cia Mar­quez. Though they are friends, they have almost noth­ing in com­mon: tastes, sources of inspi­ra­tion, style and polit­i­cal opinions.

The film will por­tray this excep­tional man who has sur­pris­ingly so much of a Euro­pean. It will analyse the mys­ter­ies of his pas­sion for his­tory. It will try to fol­low Maqroll the Gabier– Mutis puz­zling and unlikely dou­ble– in the com­plex world of his night­mar­ish and rav­ing every­day life.


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