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Amina: the confused feelings

A documentary directed by .

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Amina is a young Alger­ian girl of 15. She set­tled in France with her par­ents 8 years ago. From her violence-stricken child­hood, only bro­ken mem­o­ries remain; Although, here in France, her dreams ful­fil, along with bril­liant aca­d­e­mic results, and a role in one of the most pres­ti­gious the­atres come up, Amina keeps deep in her­self the mem­ory of the land­scapes of her birthland.

One day, she will have to make a choice, she explained. She will have to decide with­out giv­ing up.That is the pur­pose of her first trip back to the place of her child­hood, in Alge­ria, in the summer.


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