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Andy Warhol’s Factory people: welcome to the Silver Factory ep.1/3

A documentary directed by , .

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Wel­come to the Sil­ver Fac­tory. You are about to enter a space and an era that was ridiculed by some, feared by many, adored by any­one who had been there, and envied by the rest who weren’t ”. The 60’s and the name ANDY WARHOL : both of them were inde­fin­able, inter­change­able, infi­nitely fas­ci­nat­ing; and, for a time­less moment, indestructible.

Warhol and his larger-than-life fam­ily club­house, the fabled Sil­ver Fac­tory, where Andy cre­ated his most iconic works, the ULTIMATE REALITY SHOW ! Hun­dreds of archive are there and some never seen or used, tak­ing us deep inside the labyrinthine world of New York City and its best-known celebri­ties and club­houses. Inter­views link us to a short biog­ra­phy of the dif­fer­ent social back­grounds artists and friends of Andy, the Factory’s survivors.


Andy Warhol’s Fac­tory peo­ple // 3 episodes

Episode 1 : Wel­come to the Sil­ver Factory

Episode 2 : Sex, drugs and Rock’n Roll (1963–1965)

Episode 3 : Get­ting through the day (1967–1968)


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