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Azuquita: salsa’s little sugar

A documentary directed by .

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Paris by night is a sym­bol in itself but for Lati­nos it is a mag­i­cal moment when any­thing and every­thing can hap­pen. It rep­re­sents twelve hours of free­dom after the day’s hard­ship. It is twelve hours of hap­pi­ness dur­ing which you can meet your friends and your clan, walk about the city, meet new peo­ple, lis­ten to music, drink and dance. Azuquita, a Pana­man­ian but a long-time Parisian, shows us around cel­lar night­clubs, swing­ing radios to the tune of brass instru­ments and drums. Salsa’s lit­tle sugar left Panama for Porto Rico but set­tled in Paris, from where he tells us his story but also the story of the Eif­fel Tower and Notre Dame always beat­ing the rhythm with a snap of his fin­gers and a clap of his hands.

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