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Between two hurricanes

A documentary directed by .

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The day before Thomas, a mixed race bad boy, was due to find the job which could get him out of his predica­ment, a hur­ri­cane destroyed his house. In the tele­phone com­pany, his supe­rior, old El Conde, spat his sad and embit­tered vision of life. His need for a shel­ter, was mixed up with the love rela­tion­ship he had with a jeal­ous black hair­dresser, a libidi­nous Euro­pean jour­nal­ist and a young rebel­lious rock fan. He was in the mid­dle of a cri­sis both at work, in the tele­phone com­pany, and in his pri­vate life. When his brother Miguel, a delin­quent, got him involved in crime, threat­en­ing his future and his will to change his life, he felt that his mis­for­tune was deepening.

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