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Central African music

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Music played upon spe­cial occa­sions in the com­mu­ni­ties (ini­ti­a­tions, wed­dings, deaths…) rit­u­als, or the enliven local feasts. It is sur­priz­ing to note the vital­ity and the vari­ety of cen­trafrican music . This music reflects the nat­ural envi­ron­ment in which its expands and where it can be heard . From ani­mated towns such as Ban­gui and Bam­bari to the vil­lages lined along the Savanna (Banda to the East, Ghaya to the West) to end under the canopy of the equa­to­r­ial for­est to the South , with its rest­less­ness, its many bars which begin play­ing mod­ern music early in the morn­ing, ema­nat­ing from Zaïre, the Congo, or com­posed by local orches­tras like the Musiki.

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