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Change: history through Guineans’ eyes

A documentary directed by .

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What’s hap­pen­ing in Tunisia, Syria, Egypt, Yemen, Alge­ria, Lybia, Bahrain, Burk­ina Faso, Côte d’Ivoire…?

Guinea has expe­ri­enced these same events in 2007, but its story has been burked, iso­lated between an army which has always been close to the regime and the indif­fer­ence of both the Media and the Inter­na­tional Community.

From the biggest revolt of the Guinean pop­u­la­tion against the mil­i­tary regime in 2007, through the mil­i­tary Coup d’Etat in 2008, to the first “demo­c­ra­tic” elec­tions in the Coun­try in 2010. Dur­ing 4 years Chiara Cav­al­lazzi has fol­lowed the Country’s his­tory from the inside, show­ing us real­ity as lived by the Guineans and com­par­ing it to the news gave by the Media and the Inter­na­tional Community’s interventions.

That’s why “Change­ment” is not just a doc­u­men­tary about Guinea: see­ing this movie helps to under­stand what’s hap­pen­ing right now all around the world

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