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Lost in the moun­tains of Min­danao, the rebel­lious province of the South Philip­pines, DIWALWAL is, accord­ing to the highly respected Black­smith Insti­tute, one the top twenty actual worst eco­log­i­cal dis­as­ters of the planet.

On top of a moun­tain sur­rounded by a jun­gle infested by tree active guer­ril­las, two Mus­lims and one com­mu­nist, Franco Tito is fight­ing alone with his colt 45, local politi­cians and multinationals.

What seems to be at first a local polit­i­cal con­flict hap­pen to be a social, eco­nom­i­cal and san­i­tary inter­na­tional emer­gency which’s con­se­quences are accu­mu­lat­ing in the envi­ron­ment and oceans for even­tu­ally creep­ing back, through the food chain, in everybody’s plate everywhere.



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