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Enrico Macias

A documentary directed by .

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Jew­ish, Alger­ian, French, of Kabil ori­gin, Tunisian, Span­ish… Enrico Macias – or Gas­ton Ghre­nass­ian, it’s the same, he says, is above all a man who sings about life. His life and the his­tory that he has been through bear wit­ness to it, he is both spec­ta­tor and pro­tag­o­nist. For, beyond the pop­u­lar singer, who may, some­times, wrongly make cer­tain peo­ple smile, Enrico Macias is a man with a mis­sion for peace, for mem­o­ries and for a bet­ter future. Through­out all the con­certs filmed in France, in Egypt and through inter­views and archive images, the film is tasked with deci­pher­ing the man and his com­mit­ments through his music. His Ara­bian Andalu­cian life, the child­hood in Con­stan­tino­ple, when Jews, Mus­lims and Chris­tians lived side by side in har­mony. The life he invents for him­self when, forced to leave a war-torn Alge­ria, he comes up against a wall of incom­pre­hen­sion from the met­ro­pol­i­tan French. The life in a moment of con­fu­sion, which is too incon­sis­tent. The life of matu­rity when, he comes back to his roots as a fore­run­ner of the Raï gen­er­a­tion. Facets of music which record the his­tory of Enrico as well as his­tory itself.


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