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Fernando de Noronha: “islands in the middle of nowhere”

A documentary directed by .

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Halfway between Africa and South Amer­ica, Fer­nando de Noronha raises above the sea : amaz­ing almost fright­en­ing. A result of the con­vul­sions of the planet, its mil­lions of years-old blocks of rock have been the only mas­ters over this king­dom of rare birds and sea ani­mals, for a long time. It is located at 345 kms off coasts of Brazil, in the heart of an arch­i­pel­ago of 21 islands bathed in a trop­i­cal climate.

This part of the Atlantic is said to be the least pol­luted part of the world. The tur­bu­lent his­tory of this island has urged it to find new eco­nomic ressources as it can’t count on the Cen­tral Government’s sub­si­dies any­more. So, the arch­i­pel­ago is faced now with a dras­tic con­flict : favour­ing its eco­nomic growth while pro­tect­ing its environment.


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