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Fujimori & Montesinos the siamese brothers

A documentary directed by , .

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Vladimiro Mon­tesinos was the hench­man of the for­mer pres­i­dent of Peru, who is now in exile in Japan. His life can be com­pared to a thriller with a touch of geopol­i­tics. He was involved in money laun­der­ing and the traf­fick­ing of arms and drugs. He also had deal­ings with the guer­ril­las and the CIA and he prac­tised cor­rup­tion and black­mail. He directed all these ille­gal oper­a­tions from his under­ground bunker full of audio equip­ment aimed at com­pro­mis­ing those, the shadow mas­ter of Peru wanted to buy. In Sep­tem­ber 2000 the release of one the videos –he taped him­self– caused the fall of this man who was called the Andean Rasputin. It also caused the col­lapse of the cor­rupted regime of Fuji­mori who had been in power for ten years.


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