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Happiness is out there in front

A documentary directed by .



The Baix­ada, one of the states of Brazil located between the North­east and the Ama­zon. In this end of the world, for­tunes have been built on the cul­ture of sug­ar­cane. That was before the abo­li­tion in Brazil colo­nial mas­ters and slaves. Our deep immer­sion in the world after Brazil’s Baix­ada allowed us to obtain the con­fi­dence of the com­mu­nity of Are­quipa. In this old sugar cane fazenda where their ances­tors were deported more than a cen­tury and a half farm­ers have found a lifestyle sim­i­lar to that of their African ances­tors. But behind this idyl­lic image of a close-knit com­mu­nity, lies a harsher real­ity: that of a dying world that grows younger to desert land. In Brazil today, call­ing the city is irresistible.

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