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Havana hip-hop underground

A documentary directed by .

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Today in Cuba rap music is undoubt­fully one very pow­er­ful vec­tor of inde­pen­dent free­dom of expres­sion, allowed by the state and even some­times pro­moted by it. Castro’s regime, although very much ques­tioned in the news by those pay­ing atten­tion to the expres­sion of opin­ions on the island, has enabled about 600 rap music bands to spring. Com­pared to its North Amer­i­can neigh­bour, and despite its dom­i­na­tion, Cuban rap is a good means of obser­va­tion of the var­i­ous demands of the Cuban society.

Yves Bil­lon also made another film about Cuban music called Cuba Son


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