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Helen: through the looking glass

A documentary directed by .

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Helen was born blind.In the heart of the Peru­vian Ama­zon, she expe­ri­ences the “ayawaska”, or the sacred plant thanks to Luis ‚a local shaman This plant has been used for cen­turies by the peo­ple of the for­est .Dur­ing a night cer­e­mony it is taken as an aid to see” beyond the vis­i­ble”. Will Helen be able to get visions with the help of this plant ?She is deprived of the sight and of images of the world , there­fore, will she be able to have an inner view and is it pos­si­ble to see when one has never seen? Through­out this expe­ri­ence of per­cep­tion , on the verge of vis­i­ble com­bined with the invis­i­ble, one has to won­der how we use our senses and how we per­ceive reality?


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