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Jazz Mic-Mac

A documentary directed by .

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Africa, mother of all rythms, orig­i­nal home­land of jazz music, land of oral cul­ture and of tra­di­tions… Europe, strong­hold of writ­ten cul­ture, heart­land of har­mony and of melody, birth­place of rea­son…” When two french jazz musi­cians decide to tour Africa and to play with other musi­cians from the black con­ti­nent met on their way, stereo­types of many kinds could well be on their way.

How­ever, our “jazzmen” are very con­scious of the ambi­gu­ity of such a project; and to avoid clichés is definetely one of their top pri­or­i­ties. Musi­cal curios­ity has to be shared, and after all jazz music can be a way to com­mu­ni­cate with one another even if respec­tive musi­cal tra­di­tions are not always sim­i­lar. Beyond starts discovery.


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