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Jewish and Russian

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Although judaïsm is openly prac­ticed in the Ex-USSR fol­low­ing years of oppres­sion, the PAMIAT, a dan­ger­ous Far-Right move­ment, today rep­re­sents the most harm­ful core of anti­semitism in the Soviet Union. How­ever, like other peo­ples in the Ex USSR, the jew­ish com­mu­nity has clearly defined sta­tus: one is of Jew­ish nation­al­ity as one is Armen­ian or Ukrain­ian nationality.

Since May 13, 1934, they have an offi­cial ter­ri­tory: the Autono­mus Region of Biro­bid­jan. Indeed, 14 years before the cre­ation of the state of Israël, what could have become the first entity of a jew­ish state in the world did not sur­vive Stalin’s deadly mad­ness. Today, the small com­mu­nity is tri­iyng to renew its past. The first visit by an Israëli offi­cial has pro­voked new hope of cul­tural exchanges.


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