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The colours of silence: “inside the artists’ house”

A documentary directed by .

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« The Artists’ House » is the home of four­teen schiz­o­phrenic patients : twelve painters and two poets. Just a few of them are famous, like Hauser, Walla and Tschirt­ner. Their paint­ings are exhib­ited all over the world, their quote is rais­ing in the art mar­ket, but they don’t care about success.

The world and the peo­ple don’t mean any­thing to them, they have never been to an Art school, they just obey urgent dri­ves which they express on a tree, a wall or a can­vas. They have all com­pletely mas­tered their per­sonal tech­nique, which makes of their cre­ations a pow­er­ful work of art. They have built their own world with its par­adise and its hell, it is a mag­i­cal world peo­pled with gods and where the vio­lent flood of life shakes every­thing up. It is a world where the wild cre­ativ­ity of child­hood can fully express itself.


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