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Music of Guinea: music of the forest and upper guinea ep.2/2

A documentary directed by , .

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The town of Niani was sit­u­ated upon the ter­ri­tory of the actual Guinean Repub­lic, and was for a long time the cap­i­tal of the Mandingue Empire.The griot fam­i­lies of which the Kouy­ate and the Kante have watched over the musi­cal tra­di­tions of their ances­tors jeal­ously. Today they still sing about the period of the Empire. The Sos­sobala, the gen­vine bal­a­fon of the Soumaoro Emperor (Thir­teenth cen­tury) was revealed for the first time by the Doyen of the gri­ots of Nyagassola.Upper Guinea offers its rus­tic musi­cal cul­ture. It is proud of its his­tory, and vocal expres­sion remains the pre­dom­i­nant part of it. Finally, the for­est which has remained apart from Islam , reveals its seden­tary negro cul­tures . It is the meet­ing of dig­i­tal sound and very ancient gen­uine music which has been mirac­u­lously pre­served from the action of “promoters”.

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