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Paris accordion music

A documentary directed by .

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For over 50 years, cou­ples swirled to the music of the accor­dion in the lit­tle ball­rooms of the Bastille quar­ter com­monly called the Bas­toche or in the open-air dance halls on the bank of the Marne River.

This instru­ment was the faith­ful com­pan­ion of all the pop­u­lar street singers like Fre­hel, Piaf, Mon­tant, Gréco and Brel. How come this instru­ment invented by an Aus­trian and brought to France by North Ital­ian immi­grants at the begin­ning of the 20th cen­tury, became the main instru­ment of this Parisian-born pop­u­lar music? Paris Accor­dion tells the love story full of ten­der­ness, nos­tal­gia and mer­ri­ness between Paname and the trill-box.


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