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Paris jazz

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Why the Jazz, born with the begin­ning of last cen­tury in the south of the United States, did know dur­ing fol­low­ing decades such a uni­ver­sal dif­fu­sion? How this specif­i­cally négro Amer­i­can music, at the same time pop­u­lar and eru­dite, could open out far from its sources to cause voca­tions and to cause the enthu­si­asm of the pub­lic, in cities as dif­fer­ent as Chicago, New York, Havana, Johan­nes­burg or Paris? Through tes­ti­monys of musi­cians, crit­ics and ama­teurs, illus­trated files and col­lect­ings in the clubs where the alive Jazz is prac­tised today with the four cor­ners of the world, our series tries to answer these ques­tions. Answers which will make, of course, the beau­ti­ful share with the music!

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