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Polifonias: paci è saluta

A documentary directed by .

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Michel Gia­cometti, « the Cor­si­can who fell in love with Por­tu­gal » was born in Ajac­cio. He arrived in Por­tu­gal in 1959 to never leave it. He trav­elled all over the coun­try col­lect­ing music, folk tales, sto­ries and poems. He gave back pride to a cul­ture which used to be regarded by its pop­u­la­tion as a shame. This Cor­si­can seems to have rein­vented the tra­di­tion of his island in Por­tu­gal. In sav­ing the mem­ory of a peo­ple he also fol­lowed a quest, a quest for the myth­i­cal roots we all have deeply buried in our­selves. « Poli­fo­nias » has fol­lowed his track, as it recalls the liv­ing mem­ory of the elders, it shows that tra­di­tional music is alive in both Por­tu­gal and Corsica.

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