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Republica a people’s paper

A documentary directed by .

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Por­tu­gal 1975. The Rev­o­lu­tion had made peo­ple dream for one year already. In the name of the pop­u­lar power, the fac­to­ries, the lands and the houses were occu­pied. May 1975, a social­ist daily: the Repub­lica was occu­pied by the work­ers’ com­mi­tee. This event was the turn­ing point of the Por­tuguese rev­o­lu­tion show­ing what was at stake: the oppo­nents were no more the right against the left but the rev­o­lu­tion­ary left against the par­lia­men­tary one. The inter­na­tional media under­stood it quickly, the “Repub­lica affair” hit the head­lines for two months. Por­tu­gal 1998, some of those who took part in this story remem­ber: civil ser­vants, jour­nal­ists or typographers.

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