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This doc­u­men­tary is about a par­tic­u­lar aspect of the Bozos’ life, a peo­ple of fish­er­men and builders, liv­ing on the shores of the Niger , in Mali. Their tra­di­tional houses, called “Saho”, used to be tra­di­tional col­lec­tive dwellings for teenagers. The Saho were lit­tle cas­tle built in hard-packed soil, dec­o­rated with mag­nif­i­cent bas-relief…The Bozo master-builders com­peted in cre­ativ­ity and vir­tu­os­ity. In this much islamized coun­try , what has been made of this cus­tom accord­ing to which young peo­ple used to go in these com­mon houses to learn life and to be ini­ti­ated into the prac­tice of love ?


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