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Samba Opus 4: Sao Luis Brazilian Jamaica

A documentary directed by .

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A musi­cal travel through the 5 main Brazil­ian provinces and their cap­i­tals ; Rio, Sal­vador, Recife, Sao Luis and Sao Paulo which have been the meet­ing point of the most cre­ative musi­cal gen­res. Every­where we went, famous or unknown artists told us about this rhythm the Brazil­ian are so crazy about. Every­where the sun or the sweet­ness of the night encour­age this taste for danc­ing or singing which is inside any Brazil­ian no mat­ter if they are rich or poor. Every­where the only rea­son for par­ty­ing is called Samba.


Samba Opus:  the 5 episodes serie 

Samba Opus 1: Rio the acad­emy of Samba

Samba Opus 2: Bahia afro-musical domination

Samba Opus 3: Recife a street carnival

Samba Opus 4: Sao Luis Brazil­ian Jamaica

Samba Opus 5: Sao Paulo the rap of saturation


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