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The Epic of Black Gold: oil as a weapon ep.3/6

A documentary directed by , .

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OIL has changed the face of the earth, it has mod­eled man. Our his­tory, our wars, our liv­ing con­di­tions, our stan­dard of liv­ing, our work­ing hours, our pol­i­tics, our basic needs, our lives are totally influ­enced by oil.

Our aim is to tell this fab­u­lous story of our planet in a clus­ter of six 52′ films. The series will start at the very begin­ning in the mid­dle of the 19th cen­tury. Tech­ni­cal progress, econ­omy, his­tory, envi­ron­ment and geopo­lit­i­cal strate­gies will all be exam­ined and ana­lyzed in the telling of a story which is as excit­ing for man as his own evolution.


The Epic of Black Gold : the serie (6 episodes)

Episode 1 : The Epic of Black Gold: the golden age of the Majors 1/6

Episode 2 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil nation­al­ism 2/6

Episode 3 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil as a weapon 3/6

Episode 4 : The Epic of Black Gold: when all oil’s gone; time of hope or time of despair? 4/6

Episode 5 : The Epic of Black Gold: oil the begin­ning of the end 5/6

Episode 6 : The Epic of Black Gold: the after oil era 6/6


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