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The golden age of Cuban cinema

A documentary directed by .



In March 1959, will be cre­ated in Havana ICAIC, the Cuban Insti­tute of Art and Cin­e­mato­graphic Indus­try. This is the first act of cul­tural pol­icy of the new regime. Dur­ing the ten years that fol­low, under the aus­pices of this orga­ni­za­tion, the Cuban cin­ema is expe­ri­enc­ing a tremen­dous boom. ICAIC with a new gen­er­a­tion of film­mak­ers emerged and began to work — Gutier­rez Alea to Hum­berto Solas, Julio Alberto Roldan Gar­cia Espinosa. The films that will turn these young direc­tors belong nei­ther a school nor a kind. This is a pop­u­lar film in its essence and in his sto­ries. For­eign direc­tors will also work in Havana dur­ing this period Chris Marker, Joris Ivens, Agnes Varda, Armand Gatti. This is the story of this extra­or­di­nary adven­ture that we tell in this doc­u­men­tary, fea­tur­ing inter­views and film clips.

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