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The night, the dictatorship fell: Lisbon, April 1974

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Por­tu­gal, April 1974 a mil­i­tary coup organ­ised by young offi­cers gath­ered in an under­ground organ­i­sa­tion — the Move­ment of Armed Forces– (MAF) over­threw the gov­ern­ment of Marcelo Cae­tano, who had suc­ceeded Salazar. How could this coup, car­ried out by some young offi­cers, have opened the way to such a pow­er­ful and unex­pected pop­u­lar move­ment? Otelo de Car­valho, who designed and drew the plans of the oper­a­tions, explains and describes the tech­nique of the coup d’Etat.

He mainly talks about the strat­egy he used, how he con­ceived the plan and how he led the oper­a­tions. He gives a detailed account of the forces he could rely on, the dif­fer­ent helps he could count on, what his pri­or­ity tar­gets were, how he planned their occu­pa­tion, how the dif­fer­ent units com­mu­ni­cated together, just to cite a few. The plans of these oper­a­tions hand-written by Otelo de Car­valho — plano geral das oper­açpoes, viragem his­tor­ica (gen­eral plans of oper­a­tions, a his­tor­i­cal turn­ing point) — as well as maps sus­tain his demonstration.


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