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The seventh swing

A documentary directed by .

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Price: €14.00


What’s the Lubat Com­pany? A swing fac­tory with­out a con­veyer belt, to make, make, make, undo to make, to be heard, to be lis­tened to. To clack on the stars with feet on the floor. To play at play­ing because we can’t keep quiet.…” With Mar­cel Azzola, Laure Dutilleul, François Jean­neau, Jean-François, Jenny Clark, Colette Magny, Pierre Mich­e­lot, Claude Nougaro, Marc Per­rone, Mau­rice Van­der, and all the rest. Every­thing is orga­nized by the inhab­i­tants of Uzeste, and directed by one of the most cre­ative jazz musi­cains who makes pic­tures, sounds, words ans ges­tures, who was born there and intends to stay there.


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