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Thierry, portrait of an absent

A documentary directed by .


Thierry, one of the home­less peo­ple in Paris, died of an over­dose in Decem­ber 1991, in indif­fer­ence and anonymity. Lit­tle hood­lum first, he was hang­ing out on the streets  and going to school only half the time. Back­packer, as a teenager, he trav­elled all over France, and soon became a “dropout”, led by drugs and jail many times. How­ever, this uncom­mon char­ac­ter  was the sub­ject of two films: the first in 1972 when he was 15  and the sec­ond one in 1990, a year and a half before his death. This film is a por­trait of an absent, through the tes­ti­monies of peo­ple who knew him or crossed his road, and which mixes images of remem­brance: Thierry at 15, Thierry at 30… Through his inti­mate approach, the story of this tragic fate high­lights the will, the strength and the wild free­dom that drove a man in social breakdown.


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