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EASTWARDS” is the result of a long jour­ney. Bosnia is the focus, with its cum­ber­some past and its present as much uncer­tain as con­tro­ver­sial. Sara­jevo, Mostar, Sre­brenica, dif­fer­ent solic­i­ta­tions com­ing out meet­ing peo­ple and their present and past his­tory. Sara­jevo is the cap­i­tal. The mem­ory became its polit­i­cal struc­ture, and lights up con­se­quent oppor­tu­ni­ties to reflec­tion and debate.

Mostar is sym­bol­ized by the Old Bridge, heart of a slow beat of a social and polit­i­cal life which fails to heat the periph­eral wings of the city still shat­tered in the real­ity of ghet­tos, Croa­t­ians and Mus­lims. And finally Sre­brenica, the town of women, the city of pain. 12,000 dead (insti­tu­tion­ally they say 8372, but in real­ity miss­ing peo­ple is 4000 more).

Every year on 11th of July it takes place the big cer­e­mony for the bury­ing of the hun­dreds of bod­ies still found in mass graves newly iden­ti­fied. Hatidza Mehme­dovic’ is from Sre­brenica, she is the main char­ac­ter of the movie. Only she could trans­mit the emo­tional charge affect­ing the direc­tor because of her abil­ity to bear mourn­ing (dur­ing the geno­cide of 1995 she lost her only two chil­dren, her hus­band, her broth­ers, her father..)


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