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Yemen: a time for the sacred

A documentary directed by .

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Why make a film on Yemen? First, you must real­ize that South­ern Ara­bia is simul­ta­ne­ously leg­end and real­ity. This is what the writer André Mal­raux meant when he spoke of South­ern Ara­bia as the “lin­ger­ing poetry of extinct dreams”. “Yemen, a time for the sacred” shows that dreams of grandeur have fallen to dust, but that a rich and age­less vision lingers on… Here, real­ity has sep­a­rated itself from the pas­sage of time, mirages appear not only in the desert, but also in moun­tain strong­holds and bustling cities. This film opens a door to his­tory, and its actors merely play their real roles in life.


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