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Zafair kaya

A documentary directed by .

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Sun­day Feb­ru­ary 21st 1999, Mau­ri­tius, Kaya a well-known pop­u­lar singer died after being kept in cus­tody. Riots burst out all over the coun­try. This model demo­c­ra­tic island was sud­denly hit by a social hur­ri­cane with excep­tional vio­lence. The con­trol autopsy revealed Kaya had been roughed up by the police.

The revolt flared up in the cities and the pop­u­lar dis­tricts where Kaya, a rasta singer who launched a new music style SEGGAE. was the rebelling voice of all the youth but more spe­cially of the mixed breed blacks. This new music genre: a mix­ture of Reg­gae and Sega –the tra­di­tional music of the island– con­veys pow­er­ful ideas: mixed breed­ing, fusion and non-violence.


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