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Zaiko Langa Langa

A documentary directed by .

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To the sound of a fran­tic and rhyth­mi­cal music and to the urge of their mag­i­cal motto: “let’s liven things up”, Zaiko Langa Langa have kept the crowds danc­ing since 1989. Zaiko have revived and rein­vented the old rumba, which sounds Cuban but swings Zairian. It has become part of every­day life. Its rhythms have for ever marked the two near­est cap­i­tals in the world, Kin­shasa and Brazzaville.

From Tokyo to Copen­hagen, from Dakar to Luanda, the whole world is sway­ing on the monot­o­nous rhythm of a tire­less gui­tar. In Paris the famous “sapeurs” (fash­ion lovers), wear­ing their dandy-like fancy clothes, mob into the Zenith of the Mutu­al­ité. They are its best rep­re­sen­ta­tives. Is it Zairan or Con­golese? It’s rather Zaiko with a K like the old Kongo realm shat­tered by the white set­tlers. It’s the top music of all the trendy, Afro West-Indian dis­cothe­ques in Europe or in the States.


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