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123 min

    • Music of India: the serie

      A documentary directed by , .

      The unique and excep­tional music of Ustad Bis­mil­lah Khan. Rec­og­nized through­out the world as one as the great­est musi­cians of Indian Raga, his fame is due to his astound­ing work with the Shanaï oboe whose sta­tus he tran­cended from that of a com­mon court instru­ment to that of a classical […]

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    • Sweet oak

      A documentary directed by .

      This is in the mid­dle of 19th cen­tury in Cuba. The land is an enigma, it’s a land of dreams and tragedies. A black woman born in Santo Domingo and a roman­tic Ger­man shop­keeper liv­ing on the island love each other. They live on a cof­fee plan­ta­tion. Their love is […]

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