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Mari Corrêa

    • Xingu: body and soul

      A documentary directed by .

      This film is about the encounter in Xingu Ama­zo­nia between, on the one hand, white doc­tors with their sci­en­tific doc­trines, and on the other hand, Indian wiz­ards with their tra­di­tional and cer­e­mo­nial treat­ments. These two medeci­nal ways of Heal­ing humans, is the main inter­est of the film.

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    • My first contact: autonomy on their ancestral territories

      A documentary directed by , .

      It hap­pened forty years ago, on the bank of the Rio Jatoba in the mid­dle of the Brazil­ian Ama­zon­ian for­est. The Ikpeng Indi­ans, a tribe of aggres­sive war­riors, met with the white man for the first time ever. The Indi­ans relate this deci­sive meet­ing that irre­versibly changed their lives. We […]

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